Aquatic Emporium is a retail store outlet and online supplier.we supply saltwater fish ,coral, dry goods. Specializing in a vast range of zoanthid and palythoa from low to high end.

The team at AquaticEmporium are always searching for the healthiest and colourful specimens to help you build your own unique colection.

Photographic images within the webstore are a true representation of the zoanthid ,palythoa and coral that is on offer under blue led lighting, no enhanced photo shop is carried out.

Images are our own actual stock.

NOTE...We are an independent company and not associated with any others under a similar name or logo

Registration is required for the purpose of information for stock alerts, special offers etc.


Shipping .. Coral within UK  £12.99 next day

                     EU 40 euros . Any amount

                     Dry goods within UK £6.99 1st class (proof of postage)